5 Highest Paying Banking Jobs in India

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5 Highest Paying Banking Jobs in India

Banking jobs are always lucrative with great pay structure, amazing perks and over and above that, it has added benefits.The salary structure in all the 21 nationalized banks is the same. The private banks pay more than nationalized banks, but MNCs are the best pay masters.

Let us see what the highest paying banking jobs in India are, though it depends mostly on the level at which you work.


At a slightly junior level, bank associate is a well-paid job. The associate is responsible for making strategies, marketing the various products of the bank, interacting with the customers and helping them find the right services and facilities. In short, he/she works for enhancing the financial capital. To be an associate, you need good presentation, interpersonal and communication skills besides having a thorough knowledge of products.

Investment Banker

The investment banker is responsible for handling the investment portfolio of a client whether an individual or an organisation as a whole. In the current scenario, it is one of the most sought-after and thriving careers in banking.

Chartered Accountant

This person is an integral requirement for the success of any bank. He/she is the one who ensures legal compliance, devises brilliant ways of the financial system and monitors the accounting procedures. Having an exceptional computing, mathematical and analytical skills, negotiating tactics, and skills to work under pressure on a tight deadline is required for this job profile.

Vice President

This is a next-level job where a person has the responsibility of attending the board meetings, communicating the bank’s strategy to the board members, presiding over the bank operations, overseeing the revenue generation, analysing the financial reports, finding ways to maximize profit, identifying new business opportunities etc. It’s a very responsible position where a person reaches after some experience in the field and obviously carries a good remuneration package and respect.

Managing Director

This senior level position comes with an excellent package, but too many important roles and responsibilities to play. The person in this post needs to work on business development, employee recruitment and retention and also client retention. Monitoring all the operations going on in a bank, establishing new contacts, interacting with the potential high network individuals etc. – all these responsibilities come under him/her.

With the growth of this sector, the opportunities and the prospects are high and still increasing.

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