Choosing the Right Storage Unit for your Products

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Choosing the Right Storage Unit for your Products

People require storage units for many purposes. You may require a storage unit to store excess possessions from your house if you are considering downgrading into a smaller home and you don’t want to throw away some of your prized possessions. At times, some possessions are too valuable and expensive to loose. Sometimes it could be a leather sectional you are too attached to loose or your grandma’s antique dresser. Imagine the pain that comes along with losing your baseball card collection. Chandler self-storage experts will tell you to consider more than price and size when looking for a storage unit. Below is a collection of the things you should look for when looking for a storage unit.

Tight security
Many storage units can offer sufficient space and affordable rates, but few can offer the much-needed security. Therefore, when choosing a storage unit, tight security should be your priority. Signs of tight security within a storage unit include a gate that can only be opened by a computer. Computerized gate access is a clear indication that there is good lighting within the premises. It’s also a sign that security cameras and personnel are on site to detect and handle any breaking-in. Another sign of tight security is the availability of an on-sight manager.

Many storage units that offer such kind of security usually conduct a screening for their prospective tenants. This is the part where a tenant wishing to rent a facility is required to produce a valid driver’s license and their current address. In most cases, people planning on a break-in in a storage facility will not produce their driver’s license or current address.

Clean storage factor
While you might be wondering how to determine whether the storage unit is clean, you should begin by looking into the state of affairs at the storage facility office. If the office is dirty, there is a big probability that the facility is also dirty. Signs of a clean office include a neatly dressed manager who should also be well groomed, a spotless bathroom is another sign of a clean storage facility. Before renting out any storage unit, ensure that the floor is clean and dusted. There is a problem that comes along with renting dirty storage units. Other than your products becoming dirty, they may be attacked by rodents such as mice and rats that prefer dirty environments. You may also be exposing your property to a massive invasion by other pests such as lice and cockroaches which have far reaching consequences.

Good customer service
Like any other business service, the storage facility you choose should have a good customer service. You can tell this by the way the company reacts when you contact them for the first time. This could be by phone, email or even by visiting the premise as a person. Through this experience, you will be able to determine how the storage facility treats its customers. Look out for a manager who greets people in a friendly way. Be on the watch whether the manager asks the right questions and fully understands your needs.

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