Effortless Cutting Stack with Anavar

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Effortless Cutting Stack with Anavar

Body building is a continuous process in which there are 3 different phases which cycles one after the other. These are the bulking, cutting and strength phases. In each of the phase, the athlete concentrates on a certain feature. In the case of bulking, it is essential that they grow more muscle with the help of nutrients rich in carbohydrates and other supplements. In the cutting phase, the bulk of the muscle is shaped via workouts and gym sessions. In the strength phase, it is just improving the stamina for more of the workouts. All these takes years of practice and training. Some people are in a hurry to get results fast and they resort to the use of steroids.

Information on Anavar

This is an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) which contains Oxandrolone as the main chemical compound. This was introduced in the year 1964 as a prescription drug to combat growth factors like theshort stature of adolescents, effects of catabolic illness, Turner Syndrome, trauma from surgeries or burns and other muscle wasting diseases. It has also been used in hypogonadism and alcoholic hepatitis. This being a 17-alpha methylated derivative of Dihydrotestosterone, is active via the oral route. Hence this is available in tablets. Commonly called as Anavar, a new formulation is available from Meditech Pharmaceuticals. By using 10 mg Meditech tablets of Anavar, it is observed that the results are comparable like other equivalent steroids but with fewer side effects. Due to this fact alone, the drug is gaining favor amongst athletes, especially women.

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Pharmacological Activity

Taken via the oral route, most steroids get metabolized in the liver. However, the formulation is such that most of the contents pass through the liver without much destruction, leaving the full hormone in the blood. Being an agonist of androgen receptors, they increase protein synthesis. This results in increased muscle growth, bone density and body mass. Since testosterone is associated with metabolism to a certain extent, fat is metabolized to energy. The user is left with a lean body mass with a lot of energy which they can use it to work long hours in a gym. During the process, a diet of fewer carbohydrates is essential lest the user adds weight.

Usage and Safety

Compared to the medication dose, body builders require a higher dose of the drug for effectiveness. In the case of using 10mg Meditech tablets of Anavar, the results shall be low. Hence a higher dose of 20-50 mg per day for an 8 week period is required for effective results. Women should be using a 5mg dose as otherwise, they may run the risk of virilization. When stacked with other steroids like Winstrol, Promobolon, Trenbolone or Proviron, the physique gets much better with a ripped look. All the while, one should be watching for side effects as all steroids tend to produce it. Women are especially susceptible to masculine effects like hoarse voice, hair growth or fall, changes in menstrual cycle, enlarged clitoris, etc. The worst case shall be of virilization. Men may experience priapism and acne. The worst case is infertility in men. Hence one should stick to the lower dose levels unless and otherwise needed.

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