ezTalks Onion Video Conferencing Reduces Consumption via Thin Client

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ezTalks Onion Video Conferencing Reduces Consumption via Thin Client

ezTalks Onion, offered by ezTalks Technology Company Limited, is the first professional service available from this type of device. Some benefits of ezTalks Onion are energy savings and more respect for the environment.

Video conferencing is becoming even greener, cutting energy consumption at the lowest levels ever. ezTalks Onion, the cloud service offered by ezTalks Technology Company Limited, is the first professional video conference that can also be used by Thin Client, a much simpler hardware device than a PC without mechanical moving parts such as fans, hard drives and CD players DVD. Thanks to these features, Thin Client has very small dimensions, consumes very little energy (less than 10W) ​​and does not produce heat. Thin Clients always work with a central server, where all the tools that users use on their PCs. The great advantage of having software installed on a central server is that you do not need to upgrade programs on all PCs – just do it once on the server and are automatically available to all users.

“With this technology that maximizes savings and efficiency, you can now also hold high definition video conferencing thanks to ezTalks Onion, the industry’s most advanced cloud video conferencing service. It’s a further step forward in reducing consumption and respect for the environment, “explains Emo Maracchia, ezTalks Onion marketing manager. “Thin Clients consume very little and simplify corporate IT management. The benefits of this are added to those that are always: the hours earned and the reduction of costs due to the cut in the expense of managers and employees.”

The environmental issue has now become a priority and is one of the most important for companies that follow a corporate social responsibility path. A person traveling from Europe to the USA, for example, produces about 2 tons of CO2. Today, those who travel a lot for work can contribute, thanks to videoconferencing, to considerably reduce the amount of CO2 entering into the atmosphere. Even a single video conferencing meeting saves several tonnes of carbon dioxide compared to the traditional business trip.

“In the past, video conferencing was only possible on traditional PCs, PCs or laptops, as well as on smart phones and tablets. With the new VidyoDesktop VE software, even Thin Clients, like PCs, can benefit from the HD cloud video conference – ezTalks Onion service. Companies that have adopted Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructures can leverage their investment thanks to their instant availability on ezTalks Onion’s Thin Clients, “Maracchia concludes.

ezTalks Onion is part of the cloud conference and teleconference solutions delivered by ezTalks Technology Company Limited, a leader in the professional video conference market, accessible via the Internet.


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